AI Solutions for Call Centers & Customer Service
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What if you could apply models to unstructured data to extract new customer insights?

Companies today need AI more than ever to accelerate innovation, assess business conditions, and deliver new customer experiences. However, they frequently run into implementation issues ranging from a scarcity of data science expertise, difficulties in training models on relevant business data to getting their platform to work in a live environment or breaking down data silos.

Oracle’s Senior Principal AI Software Engineer, Yanir Shahak and industry experts will showcase how Oracle’s AI Services can help IT professionals across multiple industries apply AI to Call Center and Customer Sentiment analysis, simply and effectively, and help business operations deliver better outcomes.

* The demonstrations of AI Speech and Language are relatable to the following industries: Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Government & Education, Hospitality, Communications and Energy & Utilities.


Welcome & Speaker Introductions

Call Center AI Demo

Customer Service AI Demo

Q & A Discussion
Featured Speakers
Elena Sunshine
Director of AI Product Management
Elena Sunshine is a Director of Product Management for Oracle AI Services and Data Science. Prior to her time at Oracle, she has been a product leader across many verticals, solving big data and machine learning problems at large enterprises (Verizon, AOL, Deutsche Bank) and multiple successful startups.
Bob Bocchino
Director of Business Development
Bob Bocchino is a Director of Oracle Business Development. He brings over four decades of experience helping clients in many industries including Retail enhance business processes, reduce costs, and meet regulatory compliance requirements by improving how they manage, control, protect and analyze electronic information and electronic documents.
Richard Sachs
Business Development Lead
Richard Sachs PMP CMC serves as Oracle Business Development Lead. Richard brings over 25 years experience in business and IT projects in financial services, wealth management and insurance for multi-national clients. His expertise is in leveraging Oracle technology to integrate and automate processes as well as apply advanced analytics with AI and Machine Learning to business use cases across multiple industries.
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