Cloud Now Delivers 3.2 Times More ROI

Why You Can't Afford Not to Move your Applications to the Cloud

The cloud ROI multiplier - the relative return on investment (ROI) delivered by cloud applications versus on-premise ones - continues to rise making the business case to move to the cloud more compelling than ever.

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"Quantifiable returns from cloud deployments continue to dramatically outpace the returns from on premise deployments. Nucleus found the average company achieved a 3.2 times greater return on investment from the cloud when compared to an on premise solution. All organizations should be carefully assessing the financial wisdom of maintaining their remaining on premise solutions."

- Ian Campbell, Nucleus Research CEO.

When the Cloud Rolls In, Cost Savings Follow

Nucleus Research ROI Report

A new report from Nucleus Research, the global provider of investigative, case-based, technology research, found that cloud application projects deliver 3.2 times the ROI of on-premise ones – up from 2.1 times in 2016.

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The report findings include:

  • Cloud deployments have an average 2.3 times lower total cost of ownership compared with on-premise deployments.
  • The payback period for cloud deployments is 2.2 times faster than on-premise.
  • Cloud continues to provide benefits to customers by providing both lower initial and ongoing costs.
  • Cloud deployments are faster and require fewer internal resources.