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Understand customers to drive sales, brand engagement and loyalty

Digital is increasingly not only relevant but vital in retail, whether you want stronger revenues, a larger customer base or greater brand engagement. Connectivity, through digital devices, channels and platforms, between people, places, businesses and things is transforming consumer buying habits and offering new potential for engagement and growth. This means unprecedented opportunities for innovation, growth and value creation. But to seize those opportunities means doing more than investigating digital; it means making digital platforms and applications central to everything you do – across customer experience, business processes and innovation. In short, by thinking, acting and being business digital.

Modern consumers expect a seamless on and off-line experience, tailored to their unique needs. With rich, data-driven insights, you can amaze customers with deep, interactive experiences that engage them as never before. From revolutionising the in-store experience and empowering personalised recommendations, to growing basket value and unleashing a more flexible supply chain, digital holds the key to sales success.

This transformation is happening now; your business can't afford to be left behind. It's time to invest in platforms that let you harness the power of digital to deepen relationships with partners, suppliers and customers. It's time to be a truly digital retailer.


Discover how to build an intuitive, personalised experience for every customer


Read on to redefine what's possible in the digital world - amazing customers with dynamic pricing, on-the-spot offers, value-added services and much more.

Use cases

Online and in-store, the retail experience is changing forever.
Here are just some of the ways digital capabilities empower your customers:

In-Store Digital Direction

Recognise and understand your customers to simplify the in-store experience and power tailor-made engagement that guides them to relevant products, services and offers.

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Taking stock with digital

Use data intelligently to act more quickly, manage available stock and maximise both sales and customer satisfaction.

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Making virtual a reality

Combine the best of both worlds – digital personalisation and a physical shopping experience – to simplify customers' lives and grow basket value.

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The shop of the future

See how the connected shop can become an omni-channel: driving sales, improving the customer experience, creating brand ambassadors, reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency.

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Big Ideas

Oracle's palette of digital capabilities for Retail

Discover how digital can help you exploit the potential of great ideas, limitless connections and ground-breaking technologies. Below are just some examples of the rich, interconnected experiences that can empower retailers and amaze customers:

Digital gets physical

Discover how digital capabilities can transform in-store engagement, creating a more rewarding experience for both customers and retailers.

A digital assistant

Harness the power of data-driven insights to guide customers, add value to purchases, convert browsing into sales and make tailored recommendations or offers.

Social retail

Embrace the potential of social channels to grow brand engagement and entice customers to buy.

Grow basket value

Understand a customer's digital footprint to reduce basket abandonment, entice browsers back and encourage repeat purchases.

Logistics matter

Modern customers expect instant fulfilment: use digital capabilities to maximise ease and convenience, while driving cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

From catwalk to high street

Fashion retailers can be first to market and avoid customer disappointment with instant visibility and control over a more agile supply chain.

From field to fork

Avoid shortages and wastage with an agile supply chain that flexes with forecast demand and accelerates short shelf-life produce to market.

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Hear insights and opinions from our thought-leaders and discover how we've helped some of the biggest retailers cut through complexity, seize disruptive thinking and catalyse entirely new ways of working on the road to digital transformation.

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