Roadmap to IFRS 9 Compliance


Determine the destination

All about IFRS 9 in 5 minutes

  • IFRS 9 in summary
  • Why was IFRS 9 introduced?
  • Challenges and impact on banks
  • Key data requirements of IFRS 9 – an illustrative example

Chart your course course

IFRS 9 Compliance White Paper

  • Balancing IFRS 9 credit provisioning with profitability
  • How to build an expected loss model
  • How a bank became IFRS 9 ready years ahead (case study)

Take the Right Approach

IFRS 9 Implementation methodology guide that includes:

  • A recommended approach for rollout
  • How to interpret IFRS 9
  • A must-have checklist for every IFRS 9 project manager

Guidance & Best Practices

Interview on IFRS 9: hear from the experts

  • Implementation advice from an IFRS 9 ready bank
  • How to interpret the new standard
  • How to mobilize and guide risk, finance and IT teams