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Supremo Retail is trialling out a new line of business: Everything and anything to do with coffee at home. Let's see how they go about finding and engaging their prospect, Jeni.


Watch Jeni’s journey

Jeni is the kind of customer they're looking to acquire: head of a household, digitally savvy, and loves to entertain. She’s looking for coffee inspiration on social media and sees the great offers Supremo has on their app. She decides to download the app and is guided through a seamless journey that helps her find products that will help spark joy in her life. (And which will help Supremo understand her even better so that it can deliver delight at every turn.)


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Customer signals are everywhere. Can Supremo Retail effectively interpret those signals and take action to make the most of the customer experience?

Loyalty starts with the first hello: inviting them in with targeted advertising, and finding ways to deepen your understanding before sealing the deal with an invitation to join. Modern loyalty programs enable marketers to interact with their customers beyond the point of transaction and add gamification. Beginning to understand why they engage and what motivates purchase is the first step in a lifelong relationship.

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