Driving Value from Data: Tapping into your Data Capital


Episode 1 - Driving Value from Data: Tapping into your Data Capital

Inside every company lies a vast amount of data housing valuable insights; a Data Economy. By seeing data as a form of capital, you discover its true value with respect to data productivity, data liquidity and data security and can leverage this to develop your business edge as well as underpin your technology strategy.

This webinar will explore:
  • What the Data Economy is and how to tap into Data Capital
  • How you can improve your decision making by exposing your hidden data assets
  • New data visualisation methods using the latest Oracle technology
  • What capabilities are required to get more value from data
Who should attend
This session will provide an executive level overview and is aimed at executives and business leaders

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Getting the most value from your IT Estate

This unmissable new series will focus on modernisation, business resilience and continuity; discovering how organisations can ensure they have the platform to meet new as well as existing business requirements. We will investigate how you can drive value from your technology estate and tap into your Data Capital.

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