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Make Machine Learning Work for You

Win with Data Webinar Series - Four Sessions
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Win with Data and Make Machine Learning Work for You

For Business and IT Leaders, Decision Makers, Data Scientists, Data Professionals, Analysts and DBA's

Join us for a series of webcasts designed to help you harness machine learning in your role. In four live sessions we will highlight use cases, best practices, and supporting technology that can help you unleash the power of your data. Register today!

Stay for all four sessions or just join the ones that are relevant to you.

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Session 1
Machine Learning for Executives
For Business managers and decision makers who want to learn how accelerate adoption of machine learning in their organizations.

Machine learning offers exciting opportunities for successful organizations. Learn how to make the most of existing resources, incorporating machine learning into more business processes and generating new value. Join this session and learn about:
  • Machine learning use cases and examples
  • Empowering data professionals and data scientists and other technical staff to be more productive with
  • machine learning
  • Best practices to consider
  • Resources and next steps to start quickly
Session 2
Achieve Data-Driven Business Agility with Machine Learning
For Business analysts, DBAs, and other technical practitioners wanting to develop skills around machine learning and delivering more business value in their current roles. Experienced data scientists will learn more about working with data in a data warehouse and how to collaborate with the rest of the extended data science team.

While business teams are striving to become more agile and data-driven, they often struggle to turn a growing mountain of data into insights. Join this webcast to discover how Oracle’s complete and secure solution enables business users to easily get deep, trustworthy data-driven insights and make quick decisions.

Learn about the range of machine learning options available:
  • Analysts can leverage embedded machine learning with zero coding required
  • Non-data scientists wanting to code can build their first machine learning models using SQL to work with over 30 algorithms embedded in the data warehouse
  • Experienced data scientists can build models with Python, easily sharing with analysts
Session 3
Accelerate Data Science for Competitive Advantage
For Data Science teams, both individual contributors and leaders.

Data Science and machine learning are key for organizations that seek a competitive advantage in today's extraordinary market conditions. Data science teams are being asked to deliver more results for their business. How can data scientists improve productivity and collaboration with familiar open source tools?

Join this session and learn about:
  • Accelerating model building with open source python
  • Using GPUs to train models faster
  • Building models with the data from any source including a data warehouse and data lake
Session 4
Hear from Oracle Customers Using Machine Learning to Drive Business Growth
For Business leaders, executives, senior IT, individual practitioners.

Hear from two customers who are leveraging Oracle’s machine learning solutions to drive significant impact for their business.