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GraalVM Enterprise Webcast Series

Live Webinar
October 21, 2020
11:00 a.m. PT

Goodbye Nashorn, Hello GraalVM for high performance JavaScript on the JVM

Live webcast

GraalVM Enterprise's support for JavaScript and Node.js is the ideal path forward for applications that have been using Rhino or Nashorn in older versions of the JDK. It provides a modern and standards-compliant JavaScript runtime designed to provide the highest possible peak performance to your application. In addition, it allows interoperability with Java code and provides most of the Nashorn extensions for backwards compatibility.

Join this session to learn about GraalVM Enterprise's JavaScript support, designed with the following goals:
  • Execute JavaScript code with best possible performance
  • Full compatibility with the latest ECMAScript specification
  • Fast interoperability with Java, Scala, or Kotlin, or with other GraalVM languages like Ruby, Python, or R
  • Be embeddable in systems like Oracle RDBMS or MySQL

Featured speaker

Christian Wirth

Christian Wirth

Senior Research Manager, Oracle Labs