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Predictive Insights into Cost of Care and Appointment Scheduling

Alithya Healthcare Strategic Analytics Powered by Oracle Cloud

Live Webinar
10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET

Explore Alithya’s Healthcare Strategic Analytics: Cost of Care and Patient Scheduling

Changes in the healthcare provider landscape continue to accelerate; health views are changing, the cost of care continues to rise, new reimbursement models have been introduced, and the combination of increased consumerism and cost-conscious patients means healthcare systems are being challenged with providing better quality of care faster and cheaper. Additionally, this year’s global pandemic is having a tremendous impact on telehealth, supply chain costs, and elective surgeries. This results in a need for decision-makers to gain more and frequent insight, and traditional systems are struggling to keep up.

With its mission to drive innovation, Alithya developed its Healthcare Strategic Analytics Platform powered by Oracle Cloud technology to create a single version of the truth that facilitates self-service decision-making and transparency in a more automated way. Our solution integrates seamlessly with both Oracle Cloud applications and legacy electronic medical records (EMR) and billing solutions.

Our Cost of Care Analytics combines your clinical, billing, and financial data to spotlight your organization’s revenues, costs, and profits. Alithya and Oracle Cloud use cost allocations, self-service analytics, and our data foundation to create insights into your organization.

Alithya’s Patient Scheduling Analytics uses Oracle Cloud to analyze patient appointment data to provide proactive recommendations for engaging patients, resulting in improved schedule integrity, capacity, utilization, and patient revenue.

Join us during this webinar to learn more about each of these solutions, see a demo of each, and ask questions to help you better understand the value of Alithya’s healthcare solutions powered by Oracle Cloud.

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