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Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) Webcast Series

Live Webinar
December 8, 2020
10:00 a.m. PT

High Availability & Disaster Recovery for Enterprise Applications using GoldenGate

Join Oracle for the latest updates on Oracle GoldenGate to learn how to eliminate planned and unplanned downtimes for your enterprise databases. This session will be the fifth in a series of webcasts that will cover various aspects of the MAA reference architecture tiers designed to ensure your applications meet their Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Learn more about the following Oracle GoldenGate Topics:

  • Active-Active configuration
  • Multi-Master
  • Auto Conflict Detection and Resolution (ACDR)
  • Zero Down time
  • DB Migrations

Featured speaker

Zia Khan

Zia Khan

Principal AppDev and Integration Platform Specialist