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Managing the Converged Database Environment

Live Webinar
February 24, 2021
10:00 a.m. PT

Managing the Converged Database Environment with Oracle

Eliminate technology complexity to reduce costs

Managing an IT environment made up of multiple, single-purpose database technologies can be resource intensive and expensive.

Oracle’s Converged Database helps alleviate these challenges by supporting multiple data models, workloads and development approaches within a single database, significantly reducing the number of technologies required to deliver enterprise-class applications.

In this webcast we'll show you how to manage Oracle Databases as a part of a diverse on-premise and cloud database estate, significantly reducing management overhead while minimizing risk and improving security.

Learn how the latest Oracle Enterprise Manager advancements provide:
  • Automation to scale your efforts supporting provisioning, updates, and security and compliance checks
  • Monitoring of single instance, multitenant, virtualized and converged databases from a single view with interactive screens to quickly identify and diagnose issues
  • Extended access with the mobile app and new extensions to view your data with Grafana or your favorite analytics tools