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"Oracle Applications Unlimited helps customers get more value from their current investment. Implementing new functionalities and technologies to improve business process and obtain true business value. As an “engineer” at heart, I love work with happy customers to solve new business challenges with E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Hyperion and the other product lines."

-  Paul McCartan, Vice President Applications Unlimited, Oracle

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Quistor Live Virtual Event 2021


Quistor Live Virtual Event 2021

20 April 2021 | 10 AM CET
Oracle JD Edwards for the Agribusiness


Oracle JD Edwards for the Agribusiness

22 April 2021 | 4 PM CET

PeopleSoft RECONNECT Envision

Quest Community

PeopleSoft RECONNECT Envision

26-29 April 2021

Mobile Strategy for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne


Mobile Strategy for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

6 May 2021 | 4 PM CET
Oracle E-Business Suite Partner Live


Oracle E-Business Suite Partner Live

11 May 2021 | 4 PM CET

Oracle E-Business Leadership Club EMEA


Oracle E-Business Leadership Club EMEA

8 June 2021 | 4 PM CET

Applications Summit


Applications Summit

9 June 2021

Applications Connected Week


Applications Connected Week

22-25 June 2021

JD Edwards Roadmap & Updates

French User Group

JD Edwards Roadmap & Updates

24 June 2021

Past webinars recordings

Die fünf wichtigsten Entscheidungen für Oracle Hyperion Anwender!

Anwender von Hyperion On Premise Produkten sind seit einiger Zeit verunsichert, es fehlte an klaren Aussagen zur zukünftigen Entwicklung. Damit stellte sich die Frage, ob die hohen Investitionen in den Aufbau von Applikationen und Know-how noch zukunftssicher sind

Inzwischen gibt es von Oracle ein klares Bekenntnis zu Hyperion On Premise und damit sind die bewährten Lösungen wieder eine vielversprechende Option für die Zukunft. Trotz oder gerade deswegen stellen sich Hyperion Anwendern Fragen. Entscheidungen müssen getroffen werden. Dieses Webinar stellt die wichtigsten Fragen und hilft Ihnen dabei richtige und zukunftsweisende Antworten und Entscheidungen zu finden .

Als Hyperion-Berater mit langjähriger Erfahrung zeigen wir Ihnen aus unserer Sicht, welche Entscheidungen der Hyperion-Benutzer jetzt treffen muss und beleuchten mit Ihnen Vor- und Nachteile möglicher Ansätze.

Les tendances du marché et les solutions d’Oracle pour le secteur de l’éducation supérieure

Les défis et la disruption technologique dans le secteur de la haute éducation
Les universités et écoles supérieures d’aujourd’hui font faces a différents challenges tels que des systèmes fonctionnant en silo, ou tendant à être obsolètes, en particulier en terme de gestion du parcours de l’étudiant.

En conséquence, elles ont besoins de systèmes unifiés et flexibles, capables de s’adapter rapidement, qui améliorent et optimisent le parcours et l’expérience de l’étudiant dans leurs écoles, spécialement durant la période que nous vivons actuellement.

Oracle apporte ses dernières technologies et innovations au secteur de l’éducation supérieure dans le monde entier, celles-ci incluant les évolutions technologiques récentes (Chatbot, AI, Automatisation, Predictif etc..). Ces technologies sont véhiculées par les différentes solutions proposées par Oracle que ce soit en Applications (Campus Solution) ou en technologies cloud (Fusion Cloud).

Durant ce webinar nous allons échanger sur les dernières tendances du secteur et les challenges que le secteur de l’éducation fait face en cette période particulière.

Plus encore, nous aurons des universités qui ont adopté des approches innovantes dans leurs approches de la transformation digitale qui partagerons leurs expériences avec la solution Oracle Campus Solution, ainsi que les plus récentes bonnes pratiques pour des implémentations et opérations réussies des technologies pour l’éducation d’Oracle.

Streamline your logistics with Oracle JD Edwards Advanced Warehouse Management

In the current economic environment, with increased focus on e-commerce, and events like Covid-19 and Brexit, warehouses are under a greater pressure to deliver the required resilience.

In this webinar, we expand on what Warehouse Management can deliver in the current climate. We discuss how it adds value on top of Inventory Management and how the product has benefited from the continuous investment in the JD Edwards product line.

Van Hessen speaks about how they have implemented Enterprise One Warehouse Management and adopted innovative technologies. Learn from their experience, and from the decision processes they went through.

Oracle E-Business Suite: The Scalability of IT to meet the Business’s Ad-hoc and Transactional Reporting Needs

Oracle Discoverer has reached end of life, yet despite that being the situation for some years now, many organisations are still relying on Discoverer for transactional, operational and statutory reporting. How are organisations, especially IT, going to cope with the demand from business users for replacing Discoverer and, in particular greater demands for ad-hoc reporting?

Achieving Forecast Agility with Hyperion Planning

In these uncertain times, FP&A teams need a new approach to financial planning and performance management—one that is dynamic, data-driven, and relevant to multiple scenarios.

In this webinar, we will explore how FP&A teams can rediscover the hidden secrets Hyperion Planning to:
• Predict future outcomes with greater accuracy
• Accelerate the time to remodel and re-forecast
• Extend the value of Hyperion Planning beyond the finance function

We will also explore the future of Hyperion Planning answering key questions such as:
• Should I migrate to the Oracle EPM Cloud?
• Should I consider moving my existing Hyperion Planning application to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?
• Which Oracle Cloud deployment choice is right for me?

If you are using a Hyperion Planning application, this webinar is right for you. Get the best from Hyperion Planning today, and create a plan for the future of your Hyperion Planning platform tomorrow.

Maximise the ROI from your Existing Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) Investment

HFM is still the most widely used and functionally rich application for financial consolidation and close. For many finance departments it is an essential tool and represents a significant investment in both money and staff training. But are you maximising the value from your investment? This webinar offers the chance to get great advice and ideas from HFM experts on how to do just that!

The trusted name in EPM. Manage your business with confidence

The Hyperion suite is a unified solution spanning Planning, Financial Close, Data Integration and Reporting that has stood the test of time, understands your business requirements, and is in guaranteed support from Oracle through 2031 and beyond. For over 70% of the FTSE100 to trust Hyperion proves the true robustness and scalability of this solution.

Upgrading to Hyperion 11.2.x – what you need to know

Oracle Hyperion EPM is due to go out of Oracle Premier Support in Dec 2021 which means that you need to be planning your next steps now. Upgrading to Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.2.x isn’t an in-place upgrade and there have been changes to the solution which companies need to consider and plan for.
In this 45-minute presentation, John Pegrum of inlumi will provide useful and informative advice around successfully upgrading your current Oracle Hyperion EPM system to Oracle Hyperion EPM 11.2.x.
Learn about the benefits that system administrators and application users will gain from the upgrade to 11.2.x and the best ways to go about it.

Oracle PeopleSoft: Empower your employees through HR Helpdesk, relieving the burden on HR

Learn how organizations are investing in Automation through Knowledge base tools to accelerate delivery of support for employees, relieving the burden on HR departments.

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for Wineries

Beyond core ERP processes, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne provides the functionality required for a winery to improve your operational efficiency. It integrates blend processes and activities with grower management, delivering end to end control and visibility. Come and see how winemakers worldwide use JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to help them maintain lot quality and track attributes from source of supply to finished product.

PeopleSoft ERP Update & Roadmap | Innovation Drives Costs Down

In this video Amira Morcos, Senior Director, Financials Product Management, PeopleSoft
Oracle, talks about:

The latest innovations within Oracle's PeopleSoft ERP solution
The latest image updates that leverage new technologies
How to improve collaboration between business and financial operations

What's next for your Oracle E-Business Suite platform?

Even as most organizations come to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic, another potential disruption lurks within for many.
There are companies that continue to operate with older and even unsupported versions of Oracle E-Business Suite, with serious risks to business.
For those on E-Business Suite version 12.1, support ends next year – with options to either transform with SaaS, re-platform through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) or modernize. While the choices are clear, they are not easy.

Track Health and Safety Incidents with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Safety is an essential good for all organizations, no matter the field of work, especially in these COVID-19 struck times. With JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Health and Safety Incident Management, you can feel better equipped to properly handle and prevent safety issues. The system helps companies easily make safety a priority.

E-Business Suite: You’ve done it all wrong! How to get your eBTax automation back on track

The rush to get tax set up in the GCC region saw many poorly designed and implemented tax solutions, which have resulted in fines for non-compliance!
This session will go through many of the common mistakes made in the GCC when it comes to tax automation, and provides tips to avoid the same pitfalls. It will show that, when set up correctly, Oracle eBusiness Tax is one of the best tax engines in the world.

Will You be making a 30%+ cost saving on your Oracle ERP platform this year?

If you are an E-Business Suite customer and would like to better understand the tactics, strategies and tools at your disposal to maximize an ERP optimization mindset in times of crisis, simultaneously gaining assurance and confidence that you have a robust ERP strategy to underpin your organization for at least the next decade, this free webinar is for you.

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: Strategy and Roadmap Update

Your journey with EnterpriseOne 9.2 is filled with opportunities to transform your business into a digital leader. Hear about the constant evolution of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 and how customers are adopting this to re-imagine their business.

Oracle E-Business Suite: Does my VAT look big in this? How you can ensure a perfect fit for tax reporting with eBTax

The burden on tax departments is increasing. Tax authorities are demanding more data, faster. When set up correctly, Oracle E-Business Tax is one of the best tax engines in the world.

Oracle Hyperion Live Webinar: 11.2 Release & HFM

Update on the new Hyperion 11.2 On-Premises release
Understand our commitment to lifetime support for Hyperion means for you
Find out how the Hyperion product family can transform your business

Oracle JD Edwards Live Webinar: Automate JD Edwards using Orchestrator & UX Personalization

Learn about the power of the JD Edwards orchestrator and UI personalization capabilities.
Get ideas on how to apply that yourself in your day to day use of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.
Become the internal champion in your company, showing how to innovate with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne