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Financial Crime and Compliance Management

Anti-Money Laundering Challenges and Opportunities for Midsized Banks

An Oracle webinar, produced in partnership with BankBeat

This webinar addresses the unique anti-money laundering (AML) challenges midsized banks face, and the opportunities those challenges present. It explores how Chief Compliance Officers at smaller banks can find ways to boost AML effectiveness and efficiency in the face of broad industry trends such as improved AML at larger banks, industry consolidation, and an increased focus on customer experience. It also discusses how to apply technology - including data management, end-to-end systems, advanced analytics, and cloud - to realize these opportunities and keep their banks safe, compliant and ready for business growth.

Featured speakers:

  • Pawneet Abramoski - Chief Compliance Officer, Community Federal Savings Bank
  • Allen Sellars - Senior Manager for Financial Crime and Compliance Management Products at Oracle Financial Services
  • Colin Whitmore - Senior Analyst, Aite Group