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Partner Webcast – Business Continuity with Disaster Recovery to OCI

Live Webinar
December 10, 2020
10 a.m. CET (9 a.m. GMT/11 a.m. EET)

Businesses are inclined to deploy DR plans to ensure a level of business continuity

DR plans are usually in place to avoid single point of failure and prevent data loss which in turn reduces downtime cost and revenue impact for planned and unplanned outage. In many industries enterprises are mandated to enable data protection for compliance and regulatory purposes.

With our next-generation cloud, Oracle is meeting the needs of our enterprise customers worldwide that require geographically distributed regions for true business continuity, disaster protection, and regional compliance requirements.

Business Continuity plans powered by OCI allow a full-stack on premise to OCI disaster recovery solution, offering a secure, cost-effective disaster recovery for full-stack applications and databases. Flexible Cloud DR choices from the lowest cost to zero downtime options enable enterprises to meet business continuity and compliance requirements while reducing corporate risk. This DR solution is designed to support failover/switchover in case of a site-wide disaster or planned event to a full- stack DR standby site built in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In fact Oracle’s cloud is the only place where you can run the same systems you have on-prem without building it yourself and it offers full stack replication with data protection similar to on-prem IT systems including RAC & Exadata capabilities.

Quickly understand and address customers’ requirements with Best Practices for Disaster Recovery in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Identify your customer’s most critical and important applications and define tolerance for downtime and data loss will let you plan & deploy the appropriate disaster recovery plan architecture powered by Oracle Cloud infrastructure.


10.00 - 11.00 CET
Business Continuity with Disaster Recovery to OCI
• Disaster Recovery basics concepts & consideration.
• Addressing Disaster recovery challenges with Oracle Cloud value.
• Disaster Recovery with Oracle Cloud.
• Oracle Cloud Offering for Disaster Recovery.
• Oracle Partner Use Cases
• Summary and Q & A.

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Hany Ezzat Hassan

Hanny Ezzat Hassan

Oracle EMEA A&C Partner Cloud Technology Engineer - Oracle EMEA Cloud Centers of Excellence

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