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Live Webcast
December 16, 2020
11:00 a.m. PT

Building Command Line Applications with GraalVM Enterprise Native Image

Live webcast

Command line (CLI) applications are the backbone of tooling solutions for any developer-oriented product. Whether you are exposing a management API for your products or providing a utility for getting started with your technology, command line applications are the preferred solution over graphical user interface-based applications.

Most languages and runtimes give you a way to create command line applications. But for the ideal balance between developer productivity and a rich user experience, it’s best to use Java and GraalVM Enterprise Native Image to build standalone applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux that start instantly and use little memory.

Join this live 30-minute webcast to learn:
  • How to use GraalVM Enterprise’s ahead-of-time Native Image compilation technology for creating CLI applications
  • How Oracle GraalVM Enterprise improves the performance of CLI apps
  • Everything you need to get started with GraalVM Enterprise for CLI apps using Micronaut and PicoCLI

Featured speaker

Oleg Šelajev

Oleg Šelajev

Principal Product Manager, GraalVM Development