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Analytics for integrated Taleo and Oracle Fusion HCM data

Join us to learn about Perficient's custom extension for Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics to incorporate Taleo recruitment data with a prebuilt data model and recruitment visualizations and dashboards

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10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

Integrated Taleo and Oracle Fusion HCM data analytics

Join us to learn how you can integrate your Taleo and Fusion HCM data for comprehensive, cloud-based HR analytics

Fusion HCM Analytics provides comprehensive, prebuilt HR analytics for customers of Oracle Cloud HCM. It includes a prebuilt data pipeline to extract data from Cloud HCM, a prebuilt data warehouse, KPI’s, reports and dashboards. Taleo is a world class, Cloud-based system for managing talent acquisition processes. Our partner, Perficient, has developed a custom extension to Fusion HCM Analytics to incorporate Taleo recruitment data. The Perficient custom Fusion HCM Analytics extension includes automated integration of Taleo data with a prebuilt data model and recruitment visualizations and dashboards.

For Cloud HCM customers also running Taleo, this extension is a perfect way to implement Fusion HCM Analytics as a single repository that can address all HR analytics needs. Attendees to this webinar will learn about the benefits of Fusion HCM Analytics, how the custom extension for Taleo was developed and what it includes and how to get started on the path towards comprehensive, Cloud-based HR analytics.

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