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The Evolution of Cross-Channel Ad Measurement

Live Webinar
February 4, 2021
2:00 p.m. ET - 2:30 p.m. ET
With campaigns that span media providers, formats, and channels, there is a constant need for marketers to keep their eyes on consistent core metrics across channels. And while measuring cross-channel impact is crucial to telling a successful story, it's important to go beyond those baseline metrics to understand a campaign’s effectiveness. Without this visibility, there’s no way to know the true value of advertising investments.

But why and how do we do it?

In this 30 minute session, Carly Crittenden, Head of Brand Partnerships at Moat by Oracle Data Cloud, will walk you through the road map to measurement excellence. Carly also will share why cross-platform measurement is core to buy- and sell-side digital strategies, with a focus on:
  • Amplifying the value of media by adopting an always-on approach to measurement
  • Combining attention signals with reach and frequency metrics for more cross-platform clarity
  • Gaining consistent insight into relevant audiences across TV and digital

Featured speaker

Carly Crittenden

Carly Crittenden

Head of Brand Partnerships at Moat by Oracle Data Cloud

Carly is Head of Brand Partnerships for Moat by Oracle Data Cloud, where she is responsible for leading brand client partnerships. Moat powers trusted measurement, analytics, and intelligence for the world’s largest brands and publishers.
As a go-to person for sales and operational leadership, Carly’s experience in marketing and customer acquisition spans Fortune 100 companies across the globe. She joined Oracle through the Moat acquisition, and prior to that, she has held leadership roles at Google and Universum.