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Oracle webinar with Oliver Wight: Managing through uncertainty - the role of scenario modelling in IBP

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With uncertain trading conditions, companies that have mature Integrated Business Planning (IBP) have fared better through use of scenario management and the ability to predict—and prepare for—different outcomes.

Plans can be realigned on a regular basis, and critical resources—people, equipment, inventory, materials, time and money—can be allocated in the most effective and profitable way.

And with technology advances such as IoT, AI and prescriptive analytics, sales and operational planning can be quickly actioned to minimize business value loss, and monitored in real time to detect improvement opportunities.

Watch this webinar to hear more about IBP and the IT solution architecture that enables integration of end-to-end planning and execution.

  • Andy Walker, Oliver Wight Managing Partner
  • Jaime Marijuan, Oracle EMEA Strategy Director SCM

This webinar is part of the Oracle strategic partner series. If you’d like to learn more, please visit our Resilient Finance and Operations - Oracle strategic partner webinar series.

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