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Live Webcast
April 27, 2021
10 a.m. PST

Accelerate Application Development with Autonomous JSON Database

JSON is extremely popular with developers. It started as a serialization format for JavaScript objects and moved on to be a de-facto messaging format for web applications. It has now become the main data model for many new applications, including the database tier.

Oracle Database has a built-in SQL type ('JSON') that is efficient and stores JSON data natively. Values are both stored and transmitted across the network using Oracle's binary JSON format (OSON) that provide fast ingestion, retrieval, query, and updates of JSON data.

While SQL is a great language for analytics or complex reporting, many developers prefer a simpler and more flexible way to interact with JSON data. Oracle has developed a native, open-source document store API called SODA (Simple Oracle Document Access) for common programming languages including Java, JavaScript and Python. Developing applications with JSON and SODA is as easy with Oracle as it is with NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

In this session, you’ll learn about the JSON capabilities in Oracle Database and how it can help with application development. Software engineer Josh Spiegel will cover functionality, architecture, and best practices for accessing JSON from a Java program. A live demonstration of Autonomous JSON Database Cloud Service will be used throughout the talk and while explaining the concepts.

Featured Speaker

Josh Spiegel

Josh Spiegel

Oracle Software Engineer

Josh is a software engineer that develops JSON and XML technology surrounding Oracle Database. Recently, he has been working on extensions to SQL that make it easier to process JSON in the database. He has also developed new JSON facilities that are part of JDBC 20c to make it easier and more efficient to process JSON from a Java application. He continues to work on the XML processing technologies that are used throughout Oracle. He is the technical lead for the embedded XQuery and XPath processor for Java that is used in Oracle's middleware and cloud software and he designed the Oracle XML Extensions for Hive that enable robust XML processing in Apache Hadoop. In the past, he was a member of the W3C and an editor of the specification for XPath 3.1. He has multiple patents and research conference publications related to database systems.