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LEAP Forward with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for PeopleSoft

On-demand webinar

Dramatically modernize on-premises deployments on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and self-fund rapid transformation and innovation

Oracle provides a simple way to migrate most on-premises PeopleSoft deployments to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure—without the need for significant re-architecture, reintegration, or business process changes.

Use PeopleSoft Cloud Manager to deploy PeopleSoft environments in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for demo, testing, development, and production. Cloud Manager lets you define your own PeopleSoft environments and save them as deployment templates. Self-service users can then use these templates to create their own environments for development or testing.

Join us for a PeopleSoft strategy webinar and learn more about the advantages of running your ERP on the cloud.

You’ll discover how to:
  • L – Leverage your investments and lower TCO
  • E – Extend and innovative with new cloud-native services
  • A – Automate the PeopleSoft stack—modernize operations
  • P – Promote performance and protection with Gen2 cloud