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Financial Crime and Compliance Management

AML Cloud Convergence

The benefits of integrated anti-money laundering as a service

When it comes to AML solutions, midsized banks have had to compromise innovation and operational efficiency due to budget constraints. Fortunately, they no longer need to do this. With cloud-based managed solutions, state-of-the-art AML systems are more affordable than ever before.

In this webinar, Oracle and Matrix-IFS - with industry speakers from Sunflower Bank and Community Federal Savings Bank - discuss a cost-effective alternative to inefficient legacy systems: an integrated, cloud-based approach that combines Transaction Monitoring, KYC/CDD, Customer Screening, and Regulatory Reporting. The panel discussion explores:

  • Cutting through functional silos and operational inefficiencies
  • Replacing outdated legacy AML system and eliminating manual processes
  • Best-in-class cloud features
  • How to shorten time to production and save significant IT management costs