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Experience HPC for Research on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Hands-on workshop
April 7, 2021
12:00 PM ET

Get up and running in your cloud tenancy

Oracle HPC is designed for the most computationally intensive workloads

Register for this hands-on workshop delivering the experience of high performance computing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You'll learn how to:
  • Launch an HPC cluster through the OCI command line interface.
  • Apply best practices for provisioning an automated application stack through the "infrastructure-as-a-code" model and Terraform.
  • Easily and efficiently deploy an OpenFOAM-ready VM on OCI
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s supercomputing platform gives researchers access to bare metal NVIDIA GPUs, high performance computing instances, and a low-latency clustered network. Researchers can create clusters for running large-scale computations to accelerate the research in multiple branches of science and engineering like drug discovery, genomics, weather forecasting, space exploration, and more.


12:00  PM
Welcome and introduction to OCI
Discover Oracle’s commercially viable, cost-effective HPC platform that enables university and government researchers to solve complex technical problems, faster. Oracle HPC expert Taylor Newill will explain how this platform delivers performance levels that rival on-premises solutions, but with cost effectiveness, on-demand availability, and scale supporting jobs running tens of thousands of cores simultaneously.
12:20 PM
Join your breakout room and get started
Start you workshop and get things kicked off by using provisioning an automated application stack through the “infrastructure-as-code” model and Terraform using resource manager.
12:30 PM
Meet the Intel X9
Get a sneak preview of Intel’s new X9 BM shapes that scale to 10's of 1000's of cores per cluster, supporting OCI bare metal instances. Intel's Jeff Watters, director of HPC portfolio and strategic engagements, will discuss the benefits and how you can accelerate your research program.
12:45 PM
Second lab breakout
To help you get started, we will launch an instance with OpenFOAM already compiled, allowing you to simply run the application. Experience how to launch this scaled down HPC cluster through the OCI command line interface. By the end of this workshop you will be able to easily and efficiently deploy an OpenFOAM ready VM on OCI.


Jeff Watters

Jeff Watters

Director of the HPC Portfolio and Strategic Engagements, Intel

Jeff Watters

Director of the HPC Portfolio and Strategic Engagements, Intel
Jeff Watters is the Director of the HPC Portfolio and Strategic Engagements. Since graduating from the University of Illinois more than 3 decades ago, Jeff has had a continuous career in computing-related roles including more than 10 years in the field of High Performance Computing and 27 years at Intel corporation. Jeff is highly interested in the future of high performance computing in light of new algorithmic paradigms, such as machine learning and data analytics, the advent of the cloud democratization of HPC datacenters and upcoming Quantum computing possibilities. Jeff’s current role focuses on these new HPC trends and the requirements that will drive product definition for 2022 through 2026.
Taylor Newill

Taylor Newill

Director of High Performance Computing, Oracle

Taylor Newill

Director of High Performance Computing, Oracle
Taylor Newill is the Director of High Performance Computing for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. In addition to his cowboy hat, Taylor loves HPC. He joined Oracle from Microsoft Azure 3 years ago with the sole purpose of building Oracle’s HPC product from scratch. Taylor’s background is in aerospace engineering and mathematical optimization. He worked at 3 small startups focusing on Bezier spline volumetric mesh morphing and then aerodynamic shape optimization. He has spent his career supporting customers by giving them better tools, first in the software space, then in HPC and now in the cloud.

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