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ADMS strategy for utilities moving towards a Digital Grid


Level up with an ADMS from Oracle Utilities

Every year, the bar is raised on your target distribution performance KPIs. Are you capturing all the value you can with your ADMS?

Distribution operators are continually challenged to find operational efficiencies while ensuring better reliability. The right ADMS can make the difference in meeting your goals and keeping your customers happy.

Oracle Utilities Network Management System (NMS) stands alone among leading advanced distribution management systems (ADMS) for having the most flexible network model with advanced optimization and automation capabilities proven worldwide.

Get the ADMS that delivers:

  • Real-time control over all SCADA and IP-enabled DA devices with power flow state estimation functionality
  • The most powerful and flexible network model to handle high volumes of SCADA, sensor, AMI, and DER data
  • The full range of field proven FLISR, VVO, suggested switching and protection automation capabilities
  • The industry’s best OMS capabilities for reliable and scalable performance and faster restoration through the worst storms
  • Full situational awareness for control room operators and for field crews via mobile app
  • Integrated BI, reporting, and analytics to keep leadership and customers fully informed in real-time

Unlike conventional ADMS offerings, Oracle Utilities NMS is built on a highly scalable and flexible model-based architecture that goes beyond native SCADA capabilities and third-party SCADA integration to enable cellular- and IP-based approaches to distribution management and automation. Tackle distribution grid complexity and harness the power of the Digital Grid with Oracle Utilities NMS.

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    Designed for today’s complex distribution grids and built to withstand the worst storms

    With over 50 million metered utility customers in production, Oracle Utilities NMS is one of the world’s most widely deployed distribution and outage management systems. NMS is a fully-featured, “single pane of glass” ADMS that integrates with the broadest array of SCADA systems and grid field devices. Full situational awareness is provided to both grid operators and field crews who can assess damage, execute switching and complete outages using the Operations Mobile Application (OMA). Zero blinds spots from the substation to the meter means better field safety and more efficient operations.

    Most importantly, Oracle Utilities NMS is built to withstand the biggest storms and the massive surges in network and call data that accompany them. Over the past decade, NMS has supported dozens of named storms with 100% reliability. Where other OMS solutions fall down, Oracle Utilities NMS keeps running at full speed, resulting in fewer outages, faster restoration and more accurate estimated restoration times (ERTs).

    Choose Oracle Utilities NMS for your ADMS – the highest reliability when you need it most.