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Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Webcast Series

Live Webinar
31 March 2021
11:30 CET

Accelerating Apache Spark Big Data Processes with GraalVM Enterprise

Live webcast

Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition is a high-performance runtime that accelerates Java application performance. It comes as a drop-in replacement for the Hotspot Java Virtual Machine with exciting additional functionality. It has an advanced optimizing compiler with unique features like aggressive method inlining, escape analysis, advanced vectorization, and more.

In this webcast with live Q&A, learn how GraalVM Enterprise can replace the existing Java SE Runtime for Apache Spark Clusters and:
  • Accelerate big data Processes and boost both Java and Scala workloads performance
  • Reduce the CPU cycles of Apache Spark Jobs
  • Decrease Spark operational costs on premise or in the cloud environments