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Africa's Journey to Oracle Cloud in 6 steps : Introduction to Oracle Cloud

Live Webinar
26 March, 2021
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. (CEST)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: More Power, Lower Cost.

Live Virtual Event

In the process of adopting the Cloud, it is necessary to address issues related to security, multi-cloud interoperability, efficiency and performance of the solutions.

Oracle Cloud offers a platform capable of providing all the traditional benefits of the Cloud (pay per use, self service, ...) redesigned from the ground up with innovative features to provide native solutions to these issues. The goal is to open up new scenarios in the use of the Cloud, for both Cloud-Native and performance-intensive and mission critical applications.

In order to show you all the features of Oracle Cloud in detail and help you make the most of them to meet your business objectives, we have designed for you a series of targeted sessions. This webcast series kicks off with an introductory session to Oracle Cloud.

During this session we will explore together fundamental elements that make up this platform and we will see how to take the first steps in its use.

Featured speaker

Marius Scholtz

Marius Scholtz

Master Principal Cloud Engineer, South Africa, Oracle

Please Watch this Short Introduction From Marius Scholtz

Click here to watch this short preview video from Marius Scholtz, Master Principal Cloud Engineer, South Africa, Oracle on what will be covered during the Live Webinar.
Introduction From Marius Scholtz

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