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Live Developer Webcast

Live Webcast
May 12, 2021
10 a.m. PT | 1 p.m. ET

Multi-Cloud Integration Made Easy: Real Time Cloud Integration with TriggerMesh and Oracle

Many enterprises choose Oracle Cloud for their mission critical applications, and many others are exploring how to integrate with Oracle Cloud. One use case that has surfaced is how to unify their monitoring in a single place. TriggerMesh’s Cloud Native Integration is the answer.

Leveraging the power of serverless and cloud native on either TriggerMesh or on-prem using OKE, TriggerMesh brings practically any event source and target together. Developers can easily connect SaaS, multicloud, and on-premises applications using our intuitive UI or declarative API. For example, you can send metrics events from Oracle Cloud and/or Amazon’s CloudWatch to a single destination such as Datadog.

In this session TriggerMesh will demo how Developers can rapidly create an integration between Oracle Cloud and Datadog so they can have a holistic view of their ecosystem.

To highlight the versatility of TriggerMesh multi-cloud event integration, we will also show how to add AWS CloudWatch Metrics as a source.

Featured Speaker

Chris Baumbauer

Chris Baumbauer

TriggerMesh Engineer
Chris is a self-described jack of all trades, experienced with just about every piece of the stack - from operating systems to the web. Prior to joining TriggerMesh, Chris worked across multiple institutions from academic computing centers, large software shops, to startups, and lately freelancing for small businesses to enterprise customers.