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Oracle webinar with Inspirage: Embrace Business Model Innovation

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Planning a big move? Learn how other businesses have pivoted successfully.

Many business leaders recognize that the transition from today’s crisis mode to the next normal offers a unique opportunity for change. But where do you start, and how do you enable the agility to deliver innovation and secure your organization’s future?

In this webinar experts from Inspirage and Oracle look at successful business innovation examples—including service-based business models, the use of automation and process optimization, and the delivery of continuous commitment to customer excellence.

They discuss the technological advances such as cloud, with AI, ML and IoT, and how these underpin and enable organizations to pivot their business models for success.

Watch this webinar with Inspirage and Oracle and discover how to survive, compete, and reignite growth.

  • Kevin Creel, President, Inspirage Corp.
  • Denis Senpere, Vice President, Inspirage Europe
  • Nick Jackson, Director Financial and Performance Innovation, Oracle

This webinar is part of the Oracle strategic partner series. If you’d like to learn more, please visit our Resilient Finance and Operations - Oracle strategic partner webinar series.

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