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Cloud Tech Bits / Season 1, Episode 2

Now is microservices' time: our top 5 stories

Microservices are a method of developing software applications which are made up of independently deployable, modular services.

Let's dive right in with a quick way to prototype a JSON storage layer for a microservice using a cloud database.

You can try it out in just a few minutes — no need to install or configure anything.
Deploy Microservices

Deploy Microservices ...

... to a Kubernetes cluster. This paper shows Python Flask & Redis microservices deployed as containers on a K cluster.
Data & event-driven architecture

Data & event-driven architecture

Building scalable Microservices with Oracle Converged Database.
Data access with Java & Helidon

Data access with Java & Helidon

Fast, flexible data access in Java using the Helidon microservices platform.
Code deep-dive - MuShop

Code deep-dive - MuShop

The sample application implements an e-commerce platform built as a set of microservices. Full code on Github.
Before you go.

Before you go...

Don’t forget to check out our Free hands-on LiveLab about Building Microservices with Oracle Converged Database.

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