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Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Virtual Hands-on Lab

Live Workshop
5 May 2021
11:00 CET

Building Efficient Native Image with GraalVM Enterprise

Go From Zero to Hero with GraalVM Native Image Technology

This workshop is for Java Developers and features several labs that walk you through the steps to build efficient native executables with GraalVM Native Image. Each lab is self-contained and covers one aspect of GraalVM Native Image Technology.

  1. Compile a simple application with GraalVM Native Image
  2. Assisted configuration for GraalVM Native Image
  3. Class initialization strategy for GraalVM Native Image
  4. Deployment and Runtime options for GraalVM Native Image
  5. Garbage Collector and Memory Management for GraalVM Native Images
  6. Profile guided Optimizations for GraalVM Native Image
  7. Serverless and Microservices with GraalVM Native Image and Micronaut Framework
This 120-minute workshop will include a brief presentation, Q&A, and hands-on coding session with experts from Oracle.