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Partner Webcast – Autonomous Database Tools for Data Loading, Modelling & Lineage

Live Webinar
May 20, 2021
10:00 AM CEST (09:00 BST - 11:00 EEST)

Self-service data management tools

A suite of innovations in Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's Autonomous Database is a fully managed, preconfigured database environment with three workload types available, Autonomous Transaction Processing, Autonomous Data Warehouse and Autonomous JSON Database. Autonomous Database handles creating the database, and maintenance tasks like backing up the database, patching, upgrading and tuning.

In addition to the inner features, on the Autonomous Database console there are several tools for monitoring, administration tasks and for application development intended for database administrators and developers.

From February 2021 and at no extra cost, Oracle has added a new group of tools called Data Tools, aimed for business analysts, citizen data scientists and LOB developers that provide them with self-service data loading, data transformation, business modeling, automatic data insights, and data lineage.

  • Data Load: Load or access data from local files or remote databases.
  • Catalog: Understand data dependencies and the impact of changes.
  • Data Insights: Discover anomalies, outliers, and hidden patterns in your data.
  • Business Models: Create business models for performance and analysis.
  • Data Transforms: Design your data flows and workflows graphically. Data Transforms is available only to an Oracle Data Integrator on Oracle Cloud Marketplace user that has connectivity enabled from Database Actions in the Oracle Data Integrator user interface.
The availability of these new tools and how they fit on Oracle’s Autonomous Database vision was publicly announced in a recent Oracle Live session by Andrew Mendelson.

Data tools provide a simple, self-service environment for loading data and making it available to the extended team for collaboration. Business and data analysts can easily load and transform data with drag-n-drop capabilities, generate business models, quickly discover anomalies, outliers and hidden patterns, understand data dependencies, and the impact of changes.

During this EMEA A&C Partner focused Webcast, we will be going through these Self-service data management tools, explaining the aim of each of them and will guide you on the first steps on how to use them.


10:00 AM CEST
Autonomous Database Tools for Data Loading, Modelling & Lineage
• Data analysis tools needs
• Overview of Autonomous Database Tools
• Focusing on ADB Data Tools
• ADB Data Tools Demo
• Summary - Q&A

Featured speaker

Antonio Gomez

Antonio Gomez

Oracle Partner Technology Cloud Engineer
Oracle EMEA A&C CCoE

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