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The CityShark Project - How drones and Oracle Cloud aid cleaning up the oceans

Live Webinar
10 June 2021
10:00 – 10:45 CEST
How do we utilize tech for the environment and create a more sustainable future? The rapid development of environmental issues (climate change, air and water pollution etc.) create the need for innovative ideas that can match the gravity and fluidity of these problems. This webinar is dedicated to uncovering the motivations and technology behind the project codenamed CityShark by the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy, and Utilities that enlists sailing and aerial drones to help identify and clean up liquid and solid waste from the Port of Aarhus.

Join this webinar and hear Martin Skjold Grøntved, Special Consultant at the “Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency (SDFE) – Office for Data and Green Transition Technologies” present this exciting project in a live interview with Ingrid Mjøen, Country Manager at Oracle Danmark.

As aerial drones fly over oil spills, trash deposits, and other floating debris in the Danish deep-sea port, they send signals to sailing drones below, instructing them to clean up the waste and deliver it to a nearby sanitation facility. This leads to a highly scalable solution that can be exported globally and help keep plastic and oils out of the oceans to protect the life below water. Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) high-performance computing (HPC), waste is identified and collected in public waterways, helping to provide a cleaner environment.

Cleaning up oceans, harbors, and rivers can take a lot of time, require a ton of effort, and cost a lot of money, so efforts like CityShark are testing the use of drone imaging, AI analytics, and high-performance cloud (HPC) computing to help the process. With OCI HPC, they can survey the entire harbor, process the images, and complete their analysis in a single flight.

Featured speaker

Martin Skjold Grøntved

Martin Skjold Grøntved

Special ConsultantDanish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency (SDFE) – Office for Data and Green Transition Technologies
Martin Skjold Grøntved holds an MSc in Social Science (cand.soc.) from Copenhagen Business School and is a Danish representative in the EU Commission for the Galileo Program Committee. He’s a special consultant in SDFE developing projects to ensure that Danish business and research and the public sector benefit as much as possible from the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GPS) and the technological potentials of accurate and dynamic location data, where the research and development platform TAPAS in Aarhus is a key tool.


Ingrid Mjøen

Ingrid Mjøen

Country Manager, Oracle Danmark
Ingrid is Norwegian and has a Master’s degree in Business Economy from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. She has worked for Oracle for more than 16 years, the last four as Country Leader at Oracle Denmark. A mother of four, she manages to combine a busy work schedule and family life as she is a firm believer that balancing one’s priorities is vital.