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Introducing the new Opower solution for limited income customers


A new way to identify and reach limited income customers

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to utility customer engagement. Reaching limited income customers and enrolling them in energy affordability programs requires a unique set of tools. It’s important now as customers seek help paying their energy bills and moving forward as we ensure that utility decarbonization investments don’t further exacerbate problems with energy affordability.

At Opower, we know this because we’ve helped these customers with some success over the years, but not nearly enough to truly meet the need. So, this time we designed something from the ground up after consulting with over 50 utility clients and industry experts, reviewing industry filings and research, and perhaps most importantly, spending time having in-depth conversations with limited income utility customers around the country.

The result is the newly introduced Opower solution for limited income customers, which helps utilities:

•  Find more customers in need with the help of predictive analytics

•  Send the right messages to increase program awareness and adoption

•  Enable faster, easier program enrollment and provide a positive customer experience

Read the press release and check out the other resources below to hear why Baltimore Gas & Electric thinks “this new solution can help us reach more people on a personal level and more effectively serve our customers.”

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