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Oracle Hands on Lab: PeopleSoft to OCI

Live Workshop
June 2, 2021
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. CT

See Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in action with your PeopleSoft application

Join Oracle for a live hands-on virtual lab. Oracle cloud engineers will take you through exercises that show you how to provision your PeopleSoft enterprise applications on OCI.

You will learn how easily you can:
  • Set up a user group, create and add users to a group
  • Create a compartment and respective policies in OCI
  • Install Cloud Manager 11 using Marketplace in a private cloud
  • Provision a PeopleSoft Application Environment
  • Manage the PeopleSoft environment through Cloud Manager


Lab 1
Creating Identity and Access Management (IAM) Resources
Lab 2
Provisioning the PeopleSoft Cloud Manager using Marketplace
Lab 3
Configuring Cloud Manager Settings
Lab 4
Subscribing to PeopleSoft Download Channels
Lab 5
Reviewing and Updating the Topology
Lab 6
Creating a new Environment Template
Lab 7
Creating Environment in PeopleSoft

Featured speaker

Sara Lipowsky

Sara Lipowsky

Oracle Cloud Engineer