Solution Overview
EPPM helps address the challenges of New Product Development in High Tech
In complex, globalized markets, opportunities to execute on innovation may lie in the tiniest gaps. To find them, organizations need greater visibility and collaboration on project information, and they must be able to interpret the data and present it in meaningful ways.

Read our Solution Overview to find out how to:
  • Gain the ability to anticipate possible delays and a probabilistic view of when and how much a product will take to get to market
  • Reduce risk by having a single view of the truth, including resource management
  • Gain real-time visibility of the fine detail of the project, allowing stakeholders to identify problems and opportunities quicker
  • Get innovative products to market faster
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Oracle Primavera offers powerful tools for New Product Development at every stage. Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management Solutions help you align to your corporate strategy and business goals by improving the ability to reduce time to market critical to the NPD process.

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