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DevLab: Build the Perfect Digital Assistant

Live Webinar
8 July 2021
10:30 a.m. IST - 1 p.m. SGT - 3 p.m. AEST


In this workshop, you'll learn how to work with skills and digital assistants in Oracle Digital Assistant.

A skill is an individual chatbot that is focused on a specific set of capabilities (e.g. helping customers order food from a specific restaurant). A digital assistant is a master chatbot containing multiple specialized skills. When a user engages with the digital assistant, the digital assistant evaluates the user input and routes the conversation to the appropriate skill. You can populate your digital assistant with skills from the Skill Store and with skills you have designed yourself. Here’s the scenario for this lab:

You’re part of a project team building a digital assistant to allow your customers to better engage with the various businesses in a major shopping centre.

This is the early stage of building the digital assistant and currently it supports use cases for a bank and a major retail store. The next stage of the project is to add a skill to support the new pizzeria that is opening up.

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