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Live Cloud Coaching

Live Cloud Coaching
August 9, 2021
9 a.m. PT | 12 p.m. ET

Cloud Coaching : Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

Cloud Coaches are highly skilled developers, ready to assist you in your Oracle Cloud development journey. Cloud Coaching provides an opportunity for you to interface directly with experts and find additional help for your organization.

Each session covers a different technology or topic. Along with seeing live demonstrations of the latest in upcoming releases and functionality, you will learn best practices and tips for success.

This month, learn how Oracle Management Cloud allows you to easily monitor all of your IT assets, quickly troubleshoot any issues, and then analyze your data over a longer period of time to spot trends.

Featured Speaker

Tanvi Varadhachary

Tanvi Varadhachary

Cloud Engineer
Tanvi Varadhachary is a Cloud Engineer at Oracle specializing in Developer tools and Observability & Management tools. She has played a broad set of roles while working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including as a programmer, sales engineer, and customer success manager. She has assisted customers throughout the entire sales process and implemented many custom Oracle Management Cloud solutions in a diverse set of industries (Healthcare, Financial, Energy).