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Live Cloud Coaching

Live Cloud Coaching
October 11th, 2021
9 a.m. PT | 12 p.m. ET
Oracle Cloud Coaching

Cloud Coaching: How to Leverage Identity Cloud Service

Cloud Coaches are highly skilled developers, ready to assist you in your Oracle Cloud development journey. Cloud Coaching provide an opportunity for you to interface directly with experts and find additional help for your organization.

Each session covers a different technology or topic. Along with seeing live demonstrations of the latest in upcoming releases and functionality, you will learn best practices and tips for success.

This month,  learn how you can use Oracle Identity Cloud Service as your identity provider and explore its features such as Single Sign-On, Adaptive Security, and Multi-Factor Authentication. For the demo, we’ll be showing how to federate IDCS with Azure Active Directory.

Featured Speaker

Neal Friesenhahn

Neal Friesenhahn

Cloud Engineer
Neal Friesenhahn works as a Cloud Engineer at Oracle specializing in IDCS and security best practices for the cloud. He previously worked with customers in Tier 1 Customer Experience in the Manufacturing industry. His contributions to the Oracle community include working on the High-Performance Compute labs and competing in company hackathons