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The latest with Oracle MySQL Kubernetes Operator

Live Webinar
Wednesday | August 4, 2021
11:30 AM IST | 1:00 PM GMT+7 | 2:00 PM GMT +8 | 4:00 PM AEST | 6:00 PM NZT (1 hour)

Join us for our upcoming LIVE session, and get the latest on MySQL!

Register today, as our MySQL experts introduce how to develop and deploy modern micro-services applications with Kubernetes and MySQL. We will be talking about the latest technologies, best practices, and used cases in everything data.
  • MySQL in Microservices Architecture
  • MySQL Operator support for OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE), K3s and MiniKube
  • Initial deployment of an InnoDB Cluster with MySQL Routers
  • Scale-up/down the cluster
  • Automatic InnoDB Cluster healing in case of faults and crashes
  • Support for rolling upgrades
  • Demonstration on MySQL OperatorDemo with Q&A to follow

Featured Speaker

Hananto Wicaksono

Hananto Wicaksono

MySQL Solution Engineer, ASEAN

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