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Ebook: An introduction to Oracle Communications Security Shield Cloud


Securing real-time communications from cyberthreats with AI

Cybersecurity is rightfully often top-of-mind for most organizations’ IT initiatives. The magnitude of scope, scale, and corresponding costs of data breaches, denial of service attacks, and ransomware have all been on the rise.

While real-time communications security shares a lot in common with other business-critical applications, it also possesses a unique set of threats, attack points, and risks. Unified communications, enterprise telephony, and contact centers can bear the brunt of targeted attacks if they are not protected.

With Oracle Communications Security Shield Cloud, you have visibility into your communications network while the solution runs dynamic risk assessment and threat detection of every call. With AI and machine learning continuously learning your unique network along with its traffic patterns, Oracle Communications Security Shield Cloud uses this information in real-time with automatic enforcement of policies and the ability to throttle or deny unauthorized use of the network. This ebook discusses some of the challenges unique to real-time communications, offers best practices on securing them, and provides a high-level overview of Oracle Communications Security Shield Cloud.