Oracle Cloud Coaching: Top 5 Application development in OCI

Live DevCast
Wednesday, 8 September 2021
11:00 a.m. (CEST)

Cloud Coaching: Top 5 Application development in OCI

Cloud Coaches are highly skilled developers, ready to assist you in your Oracle Cloud development journey. Cloud Coaching provide an opportunity for you to interface directly with experts and find additional help for your organization.

This is the perfect introduction to the Oracle Cloud Native development tools that are at your disposal.
We will start with an overview of traditional development, and why low-code frameworks are beneficial in comparison. You will learn the basics about Oracle APEX and Oracle Visual Builder Studio, and when to choose one over the other.

Furthermore, you will also learn about Oracle’s serverless approach with Oracle Functions, as well as how to configure, deploy and call your first Function on Oracle Cloud. You will discover API Gateway and its features and learn how to configure an API endpoint to call an Oracle Function.

You will also learn the basics of Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, what are its advantaged and learn how to provision your first OKE Cluster on Oracle Cloud.

We conclude the session with the CI/CD offerings from Oracle and how to access them, and what are their benefits, as well as present you with 2 live demos that have been built using the Cloud Native tools.


11:00 AM
Introduction and contact details
11:10 AM
Presentation on services a and explanation of process
11:20 AM
11:45 AM
Q&A & wrap up

Featured Speaker

Liana Lixandru

Liana Lixandru

Senior Cloud Engineer - App Dev Cloud Native