Oracle Storage for Private Clouds and Virtualization
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  • Reduced management costs by 38% over comparable NetApp products
  • Improved storage performance by 3-5x over previously deployed solutions
  • Dramatically enhanced application availability and performance
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Customer Quotes

“Oracle’s ZFS Storage 7320 has given us tremendous flexibility and has played a critical role in driving our revenue this year. From a storage perspective, we can quickly onboard clients who we could not have served before. And, from an analytics perspective, ZFS Storage was miles above everything else we evaluated.” – Skip Khasky, iDataWorks, Inc.

“Considering the extensive list of films, advertisements, and clips we store for our clients, we require a storage solution that efficiently, cost-effectively, and securely digitizes those assets while ensuring the ability to quickly scale as we continue to grow. Oracle’s StorageTek solutions fist our needs perfectly, providing an integrated architecture that ensures we can store many teabytes daily and manage thousands of assets effectively and efficiently. ” – Brian Noecker, T3Media