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Improving MySQL Apps with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

If you build, run & operate applications using MySQL and are looking to simplify DevOps, improve query performance and reduce cost, this session is for you.

Find out how MySQL Apps on OCI simplifies management, improves OLTP / OLAP query performance and reduces running cost. See how your peers are achieving these outcomes along with stronger security and higher availability and learn a risk-free pathway for you to achieve the same.

Make this real. Bring what's discussed in the webinar to life in matter for hours. Experience key solution building blocks in action first-hand.

Click the button below to play the video, explore multiple live-lab workshops related to this topic. and download the slides.

Featured Speakers

Nelson Mak

Nelson Mak

Director, OCI Solutions, MySQL apps & App Integration, JAPAC

Nelson Mak

Director, OCI Solutions, MySQL apps & App Integration, JAPAC
Nelson Mak is the Director of Cloud Specialist with the focus on MySQL Apps, Application Integration and Blockchain technologies across Asia Pacific. He has been working in Oracle more than 10 years with extensive knowledge on application development, integration, mobile and digital services, AI/ML and etc. He earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science and a Master of Science degree in Telecommunications from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
Ashwani Chandhok

Ashwani Chandhok

Vice President, OCI Solutions, JAPAC, Oracle

Ashwani Chandhok

Vice President, OCI Solutions, JAPAC, Oracle
Ashwani Chandhok is a regional Vice President responsible for business development of Oracle technology business in the Asia Pacific region. He has been with Oracle for Twenty two years serving in various regions - India, ANZ, ASEAN, APAC, EMEA and in various functions - support, sales consulting, partner development, enterprise architecture, business development and executive management. Prior to that, he was with Tata Motors, designing and developing custom ERP system using Oracle Technology.

Current Role: Leads OCI business development team in Asia Pacific focusing on following four pursuit areas:

1.DW, Analytics & Machine Learning
• Data Warehouse
• Big Data & Lakehouse
• MySQL Heatwave
• Analytics
• ML, Data Science, AI services
• Data Integration
• Data Governance

2.Build, Move, Integrate & Modernise Applications
• Build / Move Low code / Cloud Native apps
• Build / Move custom & ISV apps
• Build / Move MySQL apps
• Integrate Apps
• Modernize Apps (OKE, ODA, Blockchain, mobile)
• Converged DB
• OCI Compete

3.Move Packaged Applications & Business Continuity
• Move Oracle packaged apps
• Application Migration
• Cloud Backup & DR

4.Database Consolidation & Industry Viewpoint
• Oracle DB Consolidation on DBCS / ADB-D / Exadata Cloud
• Industry Viewpoint across all sales plays
• ODP SPOC across all sales plays

Specialties: Executive management, Regional Management (APAC), Business Development, Program Management (programmatic adoption of repeatable solutions), Cloud computing (IaaS and PaaS), Autonomous Cloud, Enterprise Architecture, Solution Design.

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