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Safety Consortium Innovation Summit 2021 for JAPAC

Live Webinar
12-13 October 2021
3 hours each day beginning at
09:00 IST / 11:30 CST / 12:30 JST/KST

What does the future look like for drug safety?

Advancing safety through collaboration

The Oracle Health Sciences safety team welcomes you to join us for a two-day innovation summit. We will focus on trends in pharmacovigilance and how we are collaborating with our customers and partners to innovate around case intake, case processing, and signaling.

We are working with the safety community to re-imagine how we work and develop new user experiences, workflows, and automation to improve your pharmacovigilance operations. In this summit, we will focus on innovations that have already been launched and where we are in the journey to our next-generation solutions. This journey is one that is better experienced together, and we welcome you to become part of it.

Featured Speaker

Bruce Palsulich

Bruce Palsulich

Vice President Safety Product Strategy, Oracle Health Sciences
Bruce has over 30 years of experience in the Healthcare and Life Science industry including 25 years in Pharmacovigilance. Bruce heads Safety product strategy for Oracle Health Sciences. This portfolio includes Argus Safety, the industry-leading adverse event case processing, and analytics solution, and Empirica Signal, the standard for signal detection and risk management.

Agenda for 12 October

09:00 IST
Oracle safety innovation strategy
09:30 IST
Safety One Argus: How we innovated innovation
10:00 IST
10:10 IST
Safety innovation enhanced by Oracle R&D and Cloud Infrastructure
10:40 IST
VAERS - COVID-19 vaccine AE analysis focus on adverse events of special interest
11:10 IST
End of day one

Agenda for 13 October

09:00 IST
Safety One Intake demonstration and latest enhancements
09:30 IST
Monitoring adverse events in literature - technology perspective
10:10 IST
10:20 IST
Insights from the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA) report on AI validation
10:50 IST
Artificial intelligence feature updates for Argus
11:50 IST
Event wrap-up and open discussion / Q&A
12:00 IST
End of summit