Cloud Comes to the University of Nebraska: An IT Success Story

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Modernize your campus seamlessly with Oracle Cloud

The University of Nebraska serves as the main higher education institution of the state and provides critical information technology infrastructure and applications for a multitude of campuses and organizations.

With an eye toward cutting costs, reducing complexity and improving security, the university decided to  bring Oracle Cloud Infrastructure into their data centers, with a unique deployment model allowing the university to comply with internal requirements while leveraging the power and benefits of cloud.   

Register to attend this webinar to discover the benefits of moving to cloud, including:

  • How to gain visibility of your data throughout your institution
  • How IT leaders considered the total cost of ownership in implementing the Cloud at Customer deployment option
  • How to partner with your cloud service provider to maximize the value of your investments

Featured  higher education speakers
William Barrera Fuentes
Director Nebraska Student Information System
University of Nebraska
Mary Olson
Program Lead
Oracle Government & Education
Jerrad Wartell
Enterprise Cloud Architect
Oracle Education
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