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Future of Databases Series: Maximizing data privacy and security

Live Webinar
28 October 2021
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (CEST)

Accelerate regulatory compliance

Businesses embrace digital transformation and new ways of working. Human error is still the biggest risk, even more in a remote work environment making sensitive information safe is a growing challenge. On a daily basis, we see the rise of increasingly sophisticated organized attacks on data endangering the integrity of our organizations most valuable asset, data.

While many organizations are moving or evaluating their move to the cloud, many others continue to retain their critical database workloads on-premises. However, Data Security and Identity Protection requirements remain, and these databases and identities are equally susceptible to cyber attacks and subject to compliance regulations. Security teams worry about risks with their database configuration, users, and data.

Join us on 28 October 2021 to help you understand how Oracle can support you meet the security requirements. Regardless of the data or the identity location, the realm is your enterprise and we will explain how we can help secure your data and identities inside-out.

Featured Speaker

Tshepiso Morebudi

Tshepiso Morebudi

Cloud Platform Sales Consultant, Oracle

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