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Ebook: Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)


Better security and control for BYOC on your journey to UCaaS and CCaaS

Enterprise communications has undoubtedly undergone a rapid transformation as remote work has become the status quo. Cloud-based contact centers, collaboration, and communications services have gone mainstream. Meanwhile, organizations must continue to maintain their on-premises infrastructure for operational staff and the potential return to normalcy. Supporting all these use cases is a significant undertaking, both functionally and financially.

Combining some of these functionalities is not only convenient but necessary. This has given rise to “Bring Your Own Carrier” (BYOC) or “Bring Your Own SIP Trunk”— an architectural network model that makes it possible to leverage your current PSTN connectivity and dial plan with a cloud-based communications provider.

This ebook explores the challenges of bridging the gap between the new and the old ways of implementing communications and collaborations services and proposes solutions that go beyond BYOC for better security, interoperability, and centralized control.