Announcing Oracle’s Newest Security Services
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Secure your workloads in the cloud with these new features

Easy-to-adopt, integrated security

Hear from customers who have made Oracle a key part of their security strategy, and how their organizations have benefitted from Oracle’s security-first design features.

Hear from:

  • Motorola Solutions Inc.’s Senior Director of IT Infrastructure and Information Security, Scott Shepard
  • NRMA’s GM of Security and Architecture, Trevor Rangel
  • ALEF’s Delivery Manager, Pietro Lascari

New security services include:

  • OCI Vulnerability Scanning Service (VSS)
  • OCI Bastion
  • OCI Certificates
  • OCI Web Application Firewalls (WAF) for Load Balancers

Oracle’s new, expanded security services are easy to deploy and operate. These features automate manual security tasks across the cloud platform to increase efficiency and reduce human error. Simplify and streamline your cloud security with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
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