Discover the best race of all time—learn analytics and machine learning with Red Bull Racing Honda
What makes a race great?

We're sure you know the feeling—sometimes a race is so exciting that you can't look away for a second, while other times the result is clear from the beginning.

What is the intangible factor that makes a race exciting? Is it the amount of overtaking? The battle for the number 1 position? The weather conditions? Or are we missing some other element that we don’t quite understand yet?

The answer to these questions lies hidden in data: 70 years of racing data, to be precise.

In this two-hour workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to experiment with racing data using a combination of techniques to look for the answer.

You’ll extract critical pieces of information that define the essence of each race, and visualize races and seasons using advanced techniques to determine how great each race is based on established criteria.

Experience firsthand what challenges data scientists. You’ll learn the basics of analytics and machine learning and become familiar with the entire process, from data preparation and visualization to model building, prediction, and evaluation.

So come join us in this fun workshop and help solve the challenge!

No previous analytics or data science experience is required. We’ll provide you with the instructions you’ll need to get your Oracle Cloud Free Tier account for use during the workshop.

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