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Research Report: Five Best Practices of Leading IoT Adopters


Five Best Practices of Leading IoT Adopters

From utilities to public safety, smart homes to smart cities, the Internet of Things (IoT) will soon power the world around us, and as a result, the adoption of enterprise IoT is currently evolving. Across industries, adopters are moving away from specific use cases in peripheral parts of businesses to the most critical core systems and processes, including those that are directly customer facing.

This survey, conducted by Oracle Communications and Transforma Insights, explores this market shift in IoT adoption, and shows how providers are designing and deploying IoT, as well as the way customers are buying it. Many are strongly favoring commercial off-the-shelf and bundled solutions over highly customized projects, and across industries businesses are looking to navigate compliance standards and utilize aggregated data to make strategic business decisions.

Learn more about the future of enterprise and industry IoT adoption, and how these key trends will impact its design, deployment, and use over the coming years.