Oracle Java for Leaders
Mitigate security risks. Modernize app-dev with Oracle.
50% of Fortune 100 companies use Oracle Java. Do you?

If you are using Java for commercial applications development, Oracle Java SE Universal Subscription is the gold standard for commercial users of Java for enterprises of all sizes and is used by several Fortune 500 companies. It provides DevOps and IT teams with valuable benefits such as:

  • Freedom from versioning restrictions; stay current on latest security patches
  • Increased flexibility and choice
  • Access to professional support in multiple languages from Oracle, the stewards of Java
  • Boosted performance with GraalVM Enterprise
  • Management and visibility with Java management Service
  • Significant cost savings for large to medium enterprises
  • Run JDK 8 workloads with JDK 17 performance with Enterprise Performance Pack

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Java ranks #1 programming language in top tech trends
- VDC Research
of Fortune 100 companies
use Oracle Java
or more cost savings over 4 years for large enterprises
boost in application performance
support from Oracle experts, leader of Java
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Customer quote

"Oracle Java SE Subscription is suited for big multinational corporations with the imperative need of latest updates and support for a quick turn around time on issues."

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